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  • You must arrive at our docks no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled departure.
    Our trips are scheduled according to the changing tides and best opportunities. In many situations, we simply cannot leave the dock even 5 minutes late. We may not be able to wait for you even if you are pulling into the parking lot. Please show up on time. It would be best if you plan to arrive 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled departure just to make sure. Guests arriving late may be charged for the full cost of the trip or re-scheduled.
  • Notwithstanding your reservation, we reserve the right to change the time of your tour.
    Yes, even though we insist that you arrive on time, issues with scheduling, weather, mechanics, safety, and best practices may dictate changes. Your captain will make the final decision based on knowledge and experience. Our first priority is your safety, closely followed by your maximum enjoyment of your experience. If your captain makes changes, you will not be responsible for any charges. Your trip may be re-scheduled at a later time. Partial trips may be pro-rated at the captain’s discretion.
  • Your trip may be canceled or re-scheduled due to weather.
    Weather is changeable, especially during the summer months. We will contact you if there is a weather related issue regarding your tour. Your safety is our primary concern. Your captain will make the final decision as to the start and/or continuation of your trip according to the evolving weather situation. Please arrive for your tour regardless of your opinion of the weather. We will not take you out in poor or dangerous conditions. However, we have vast experience in dealing with Hilton Head Island weather, and many times a short rain shower a little while before your trip will not cause any problems and perhaps even enhance your experience. On the other hand, while the weather may look fine to you standing on our dock, you captain has access to more information and greater experience and may choose to cancel your trip based on the expected conditions. Trips cancelled by our staff due to weather conditions incur no charges to you. We will try to re-schedule your trip as soon as possible.
  • We require 24 hours notice to cancel your reservation without charges.
    If you cancel your tour less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, you will be required to pay the full charges associated with your tour. Holding some of our limited space and then canceling at the last minute deprives us of an opportunity to sell the space and also deprives other potential guests of the opportunity to reserve that space. Options include re-scheduling your trip for a later date. We will work with you however we can to make everyone happy. A good attitude and calm, positive communication will help a lot.
  • You may be charged for “No-Shows” on your reservation.
    If you make a reservation for a certain number of people and some of them do not come, you may be charged the full amount for those passengers. Our 24 hours notice policy as stated above applies to your whole reservation. If someone does not feel well or just changes their mind about coming on the trip, you may be required to pay for that space. We have had groups make reservations for 12 and bring only 7. That is a significant loss for us as well as being inconsiderate to other potential guests who would have liked to reserve that space. Your captain will make the final decision as to charges. We will try to be as understanding as possible.
  • You cannot bring more people than the number you reserved.
    The United States Coast Guard strictly controls the number of passengers allowed on each boat. It is illegal and potentially dangerous for us to add extra passengers. This includes toddlers, babies in your lap, and even newborns. Each passenger must pay and be accounted for. Do not bring your dog.
  • Requests for specific boats in our fleet will be honored but not guaranteed.
    We have a unique variety of boats. You may request a particular boat for your tour, and in nearly all cases, we will be able to assign you to that boat. However, due to issues with scheduling, weather, mechanics, safety, and best practices, we are not able to guarantee that a specific boat will be available for your reservations. Options include re-scheduling to a later time or canceling your tour. Charges may apply if you cancel.
  • Please address any issues you may have at the time of the trip.
    Our entire business is dedicated to your enjoyment of our tours. If you have any issues whatsoever regarding the quality of your experience or your satisfaction as a customer, please address those issues immediately. We never force anyone to participate in a tour. If you have a valid complaint before the scheduled departure, we will address it immediately or allow you to cancel or re-schedule your tour. If at the completion of your trip you have issues or concerns, please discuss them with your captain or ask to speak to the owner. We will address those issues immediately and offer appropriate action. The person who handles our phone reservations is not our complaint department. Your captain or the owner will discuss your concerns and deal with them in a professional manner. Online reviews are not the place to discuss personal issues.
  • Refunds will be made by check mail directly to you.
    Due to past issues with credit card refunds, our current policy is that any refunds due to you will be made by company check mail by certified mail or overnight delivery. Some credit card companies and banks take extended periods to process refunds. In the past we have had electronic refunds fail to go through repeatedly. In addition, we are not notified whether a refund has reached a customer by electronic means. By mailing a check we ensure that your full refund amount is delivered in a timely manner. Payments made in cash may be refunded directly in person if both parties are available on Hilton Head Island.
  • Positive attitudes and good communications work wonders.
    We are people just like you. We happen to work in a beautiful place and enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with you and your friends and family. It is our desire to create positive, memorable experiences for you and give you the most value for your vacation investment. Every company must have policies. Most of these are set in place because of a few bad apples that take advantage of our good will. Notwithstanding everything above in our reservations policy, we are here to work with you and make you happy. Please communicate in a calm, positive manner. We will respond accordingly. In the end, people are more important to us than policies.